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Humans are emotional creatures and the most important feeling for us is the feel of belonging ourselves. Be it be any relation, the warmth we get even by a simple gesture of them; makes memories forever to recall in our whole life. Its a cherry on a ice cream, if these emotions are presented in a most articulated way to touch the soul of your soulmate.We humans, are gifted with 5 senses through which we perceive this world. We can present different gifts to our beloved, based on this concept. The concept of 5 senses is all about appealing them. One can be creative in their own way.

      1. Sight – We all are visual creatures and for pleasing this unique feature of your beloved, we            can chose any of these…

  •  Love notes- For the sparkle of your beloved’s eyes.
  •  Photo album /photo frame – Compiling those old forgotten memories will bring a broad smile.
  •  Book- Your beloved want to read it, but for some reason couldn’t buy it. It will be worth to give a thought on this.Book
  • Personalize Greeting card-When you have many words to say, but not finding appropriate way to express?? Customized Card can work a way for you & this can be used as a bookmark too.
  • Scroll- Summary of memories on a roll like restaurants explored, movies watched, places visited, special moments.Note
  • Certificate – A personal certificate will add charm in collection of professional ones.

       2.Touch – A sensual way to reach out heart

  •  Personalize T shirt – It will always stay close to his/her heart.
  •  Wrist Band- You cannot hold the hand always but can wear it in the remembrance.
  • Handmade jewelry- Adding grace in your moment.

       3. Sound – However- Whenever far you are ,you will always be remembered!

  • Analog watch – Ticking of watch will make someone to think of you every second.
  • Headphones – A cool device to present
  • Pen drive- Dedicate your love with the addition of favorite music library / favorite movie / by recording personal messages from all the loved ones in the form of slides.

         4. Taste- A road to your beloved’s heart goes through stomach.

  • Chocolates/Cookies/Cupcake -Satisfying Bite to offer
  • Champagne- Based on the taste buds you can select the one.

         5. Smell – The essence of presence is in fragrance.

  • Perfume – You never know, it can turn out to be signature scent of your beloved
  • Scented candles – Assistance in arrangement of romantic dinner
  • Fragrance kit-  Combo pack of soaps,oils, candles,perfume
  • Roses- A language of love expressed in silence

Your Sweetheart is going to have goosebumps for sure!

Please note that you can personalize and customize the hamper according to your preference which will start from Rs.2500/-  onward.

E-Mail – giftbuds@outlook.com

Visit for Gift Options – www.giftbuds.in


Mother Son
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” God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers “

She is a Doctor, she is self appointed Lawyer in “front of father”, she is Teacher who “guide us” ,she is Master Chef to feed us, and the list goes on… No language can express magnificence of mother’s love. The feeling for Mother is special, Because “Mother is born only when the child is born”.

It is rightly said, to a mother son is never a fully grown man & for a son, mom will always be his first love.

When son heads to the other side of world for studies/ work, mom actually become mother of all the worries for every tiny mighty things. No doubt, Mom will be always glad to gift valuable stuff to his Son,which will help in worrying less.

Gift buds offers “Home-Seek Hamper” for all such mothers.

This Home-Seek Hamper has –

1) Personalize coffee mug– Will remind him that he needs to freshen himself

2) Personalize Pen – Will remind him of aspiration that you have from him.

3) Organizer – Moms are always amazing manager, so a manual for “to do” list

4) Stainless Steel Bottle – Safe drinking water is important when away from home , which will also keep warmness or coolness for longer duration.

5)A Laundry Bag –  To avoid messiness at the last moment

6) Tiffin Box – Will always be wonderful reminder about mother. We(GiftBuds) can fill box for you with toffees/ cookies.

7) Travel Kit – Packing is always in Mom’s department. So to keep the belongings handy &to pack smart in your absence travel kit will be help.

8) Personalize Fridge Magnet – It will not be just decorative object but will be special moment every time when noticed.

9) Book of Swami Vivekanand – Those beautiful moral thoughts which you always want to communicate to him. An additional contribution in your upbringing.(Can choose your own choice of Book)

10) Piggy Bank – A traditional way to teach value of saving money in your absence.

Please note that you can customize (Add/delete/edit) this hamper in whichever way you prefer.We will suggest you the nice wrapping options depending on likes of your son.

Mail us – giftbuds@outlook.com

Visit for Gift Options –        http://www.giftbuds,in