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On Boarding Welcome Kit

The best approach to welcome your new hire and make them feel a part of the team is with a Welcome Kit. Studies show that during their first couple of months, new hires still feel out whether they fit in with the company –– an experience called belonging uncertainty. When a company has a new hires, it’s crucial to invest in making them feel welcome. Welcome kit gets employees acquainted with their new role and workplace. Also, the first impression is always important, and on an employee’s first day, they’re making note of every detail. You can give them a pleasant surprise on their first day at work by leaving a welcome kit on their desks -and we’re not just talking about paperwork and office supplies. Including items that embrace your company culture can help the new hire feel like a part of the team.

Importance of the Welcome Kit

A new hire welcome kit is a marketing tool; it serves several purposes than most of your traditional marketing efforts since it is built to boost the employer brand.

The welcome kit is definitely a strong component and when your new hire welcome kit is well thought out, it’ll create a difference. How?

1. Activates Employee Engagement

One of the perks of a well-crafted welcome kit is that it can help spark employee pride, engagement, and advocacy.

People tend to wear t-shirts, carry water bottles, or use other gear of companies they support or are aligned with. Presenting your new hire with new gear that represents your company will help turn them into a promoter of your brand even outside of the office

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2. Promotes Company Culture

The welcome kit is also an excellent way to make aware, your new hire about the organisation. A thoughtful new welcome kit will give them a peek into the company’s culture.

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3. Makes Your New Hire Feel Welcome

Sprinkle some excitement to your welcome kit. These are the items that will make people feel happy about joining the company, and help you come off as, well, cool. A thoughtful message on a t-shirt or a smart copy on a company water bottle can help to fortify your brand and mission to employees in a memorable way.

What goes in new hire’s Welcome Kit?

It can include essential things like a laptop, diary or an employee handbook, but also consider some fun items like water bottles, t-shirts, etc. Unexpected things will let them know that your organization is thinking about you as a human being, not just an employee.

Items in a welcome kit can be divided into three categories: Informative, Practical, and Personal.

1. The Informative:-

Starting with baseline information that new hires need to know. Items might include:

•   Office map

•   Information on benefits

•   Company policies acknowledgement

•   Agendas for the new hire’s for the first week at work

2. The Practical:-

These items help your new hires do their jobs, Practical items might include:

•   Laptop

•   Diary

•   Pen

•   Pen drive

•   A professional development book

•   Sticky Notes

•   File folder

3. The Personal:-

Customized items give the new hire a warm welcome. Personalized items might include:

•   Welcome letter – A handwritten note from the hiring manager.

•   Coffee mug

•   Water bottle

•   Nameplate

•   Business cards with card holder

Put your version on the new hire’s welcome kit

Every small gesture contributes to increasing a new hire’s comfort level. To conclude, a welcome kit is a vital tool to create a monumental impression on a new hire right from day one.